Szeretnéd megérteni, hogyan optimalizálhatod a teljesítményed? Mi mindannyian rajongunk a biohackelés adta szabadságért. Folyamatosan keressük és teszteljük a tudomány és a kutatások fejlődése által napvilágra kerülő újabb és újabb megoldásokat, és minden nap igyekszünk a legjobbat adni magunkból annak érdekében, hogy ügyfeleink lelkesedéssel forduljanak a biohackelés világa felé. Termékeinket és szolgáltatásainkat integrálva mindennapi életébe – egész életen át tartó egészséged és teljesítményed érdekében.
Scientific advancement, technology and the availability of information through the internet, all enable completely new ways of working. Through the principles of biohacking, the productivity per employee can be taken to the text level, health and energy can be optimized, unnecessary stress and pressure can be reduced. The results of proper implementation are a big plus in the bottom line due to the increased output. Biohacking will have a large influence on how companies operate and will help define the optimal workspace layout.

Let's look at how a typical workday unfolds in a newly biohacked company:

8:00 h // A morning full of Energy
You arrive at the office. The atmosphere is calm but filled with a buzzing energy of disciplined work. Some of your employees are quietly chatting over a coffee, exchanging on the most recent topics, while others are standing or sitting at their work stations, focusing on their screens. A friendly "good morning" comes back once you pass by, heading towards your office.

10:00 h // Low Stress Levels
Demand is high and the projects your company is supposed to finish are almost overwhelming. Still the stress levels are low. If the situation is heating up, your employees have the opportunity to retreat, calm down and re-collect their thoughts. Everybody is aware that short breaks and meditation will enhance productivity. That leads to a much more pleasant and respectful environment.

12:30 h // Healthy Lunch
Mid-day and your energy levels are starting to drop. A big lunch with lots of vegetables and healthy fats gets you and your staff back on track. Instead of heavy and tired, you feel light and energized. A good cup of coffee and you are ready to go again at full speed, organizing and leading meetings in the afternoon.

17:00 h // Late Afternoon
You still find your team working on creative projects or recapitulating the day. It clearly shows they enjoy being in this place and with each other. Older staff members are fully engaged, even in technical issues, exchanging knowledge with the youngsters. They still have the mental capacity to understand new technology and ways of working. At the same time they are physically strong and are more than willing to work until at least their mid-sixties. Why settle down when work is fun and fulfilling?

17:30 h // Heading Home
People are about to head home. They know that high performance requires recovery in order to be sustainable. You are finishing off as well, ready and energized to enjoy your private life and time with your family. Instead of being tired from a full day of work, you still got fuel left in the tank. This level of activity gives you balance and recharges your batteries.

This is what a typical work day could look like. Energized people collaborating in a calm and effective atmosphere. But is it really a future vision? Absolutely NOT. There are a lot of things you can implement TODAY, which will have a similar effect like in the example above and which will make your work place more productive, calm and happy.